Your Finances Are In Trouble

Low Credit and Bad Credit Are Hurting You

Getting a loan? Or are you trying too? Does the lender have you jumping through hoops? They will continue to make you jump through hoops as well. ┬áIf you have any concerns about this then you might want to take a look at the credit score you have. It’s important. Credit is what gets you things, it’s the ripe pickens off of that proverbial tree, and without it you are up the creek.

Here in our Houston location we are ready at Pacific Credit Repair to help you wiht the services that you need. Need a new credit lease on life? We have that. You and your family are our top priority. Credit is not something to take lightly, and we understand that you arrived at this point by life.

Circumstances that affect your life affected your credit. It includes a series of items that you had not taken into account in the past. For instance, every time you applied for a credit card did you get it? If not, those queries no matter how large or small were pointed onto your credit report. Then from there they were changed aronud and moved around.

Credit will cost you, it will cost you a mate, a house, a job and more. Lenders who might lend to you will also hike up the interest rates making it impossible for you to ever attain a home loan or afford one if you wanted to.

Bad credit is a horrible thing to live with. If you are not sure what your credit score is contact us today for a FREE consultation.