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Credit: What is a credit score?

A credit score is something like a three digit number that is assigned to you. It’s actually created based on a series of algorithms, these are not released or rather hidden from the public’s view. The calculations include how many times you were late on a mortgage payment, car payment, electric bill etc… Those are ALL counted against you.

Then they tabulate and give you a number score. 300 is bad, 850 is super and stellar.

So which number range do you fall in? Okay, now remember if your score is below 650 then it’s still okay. In fact, lenders loan out on a case by case basis-but you are loosing money by not having a better credit score. You see, the lower the score the more creditors will try to change it all. In fact we know that creditors charge a higher interest rate.

Credit is hard to understand, where do they get the reports from? 

The answer is simple they get them from utility companies, mortgage lenders and more. All they have to do is fill out a simple form and get your report sent it. Then it’s one of the three reporting bureaus that lists it from there. Credit can really hurt you, and the longer you wait the worse it gets, so do not delay, after all you might have delayed far too long already.

Scores Explained:

Your scores are tabulated and vital to your financial life’s blood. It’s your report card for lenders. So when they look you up and see an incredibly low credit score, they might be tempted to say “pass” on lending you anything.