Credit tips and places to visit

Go here to learn more about your credit score. It’s free and you will get it in no time at all. But, it’s only free once a year. You can thank a federally mandated law for that, otherwise you might never know your credit scores. Remember, they are your connection to lenders, and you want the scores to be at least 600 or above. We are the only ones to get you there. We guarantee it!

Credit repair scores are tabulated and sent from Experian, Equifax, TransUnion to FICO. Fico then gives lenders the ultimate score tabulated from these three areas. ¬†FICO credit scores are wonderful and interesting, but you have to pay a subscription fee here in order to see what’s being reported. Why not just contact Pacific Credit repair and get your score today. We are ready and waiting to provide you with a free credit score.

Fair Credit Reporting Act

As credit scores became more and more important to the everyday person’s life, it became apparent that some laws governing the credit bureaus were needed. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is the law that governs the credit bureaus and protects consumers.

Equifax, TransUnion and Experian

The credit bureaus have a lot of helpful information on their sites about credit, and the ability to purchase reports if you have already received your free report for the year.


Pacific Credit Repair is a Professional Credit Repair Company located in Houston, TX. We specialize in correcting/removing inaccurate or unverifiable negative information from credit reports with experian, equifax and transunion. We serve clients in all 50 states.

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