Our Company: Results You Can Count

In these troubled times people around the nation are in danger when it comes to credit repair. Continental credit repair located in Houston is hard to equal, we are local and nationally recognized and only use 100% legal practices. Our services are the best in the industry, we are proven at what we do and proud of that. That is why clients at Pacific Credit Repair recommend us-because we are honest, upfront and people pleasers. 

We are one of the few like it in the country, 100% legal practices, and services offered with a FREE consultation call. Once you give us a call and we look into your score we then go ahead and start what we like to call an Action plan.

Action plans are assigned to a personal account, and there you have access to the latest updates that are happening everyday on your credit report. It should be raised at least monthly. Why? It’s our job to do it!

Contact us today, because the longer you wait the worse it gets. Credit scores are the most important part of your credit in this day and age and it is your financial wisdom that is on trial here. Just like getting into a good school and studying hard at it-credit scores will help or hinder you.

Credit scores are part of your personal array of responsible patterns, and we want lenders to take you seriously. Contact us today.